domingo, septiembre 24, 2023

Mexica splendor: a tour of the Great Temple

#Events.- This time we will visit the Axis Mundi of the Mexica: the Templo Mayor, we will talk about its history, archeology, religion and cosmovision. First, we will visit the archaeological zone to talk about the importance of the Huei Teocalli and we will close our visit at the Site Museum that shows us the archaeological findings, sculptures, offerings and burials that were located when the Temple was excavated by Eduardo Matos Moctezuma.

  • Templo Mayor Archaeological Zone
  • Site Museum of the Templo Mayor

Sunday, April 16 at 09:30 at the entrance of the Templo Mayor Museum.


o Guided tour by ENAH archaeologist.
o Individual audio equipment so that you don’t miss the explanation.
o Didactic support materials.

o Meals, entrance fees to venues or museums and extra expenses per person.

You can reserve your places by making a bank deposit in the following account:

Banco Santander 5579 1003 7269 5476 in the name of Gerardo Orozco.

Once deposited send by Whats deposit slip to 5567273803, with the written name of the attendees. It is possible to make the payment at OXXO.

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