domingo, septiembre 24, 2023
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Córdoba Municipal Transit invites to respect public parking areas; yellow painted curbs are prohibited / @PdteJuanMtnez @AytoCordobaVer >>>

#Córdoba, #Ver.- The Coordination of Traffic and Road Safety invites motorists to respect Article 178 of the Traffic and Road Regulations for the municipality of Cordoba, which prohibits parking your unit in yellow painted garrisons.

The head of the area, Silvio Garcia Rabanales, reported that the main points where the Coordination has identified users who park in areas or yellow painted garrisons, are in the San Jose park and at the entrances and exits of garages, which obstructs access to the owners.

When the vehicle is parked in such area, and the driver is nearby, the officer on duty requests his documentation to generate the infraction and informs him that these are prohibited areas; otherwise, he waits 20 to 25 minutes for the user to arrive, and then proceeds to take the unit to the corralón, and the user receives the infraction and also pays for the towing of his vehicle.

García Rabanales indicated that, on average, 30 drivers are fined for this reason, which represents 50 percent of the vehicle sanctions.

Finally, the Municipal Transit Coordination of the Municipality of Cordoba, urges citizens to be cautious in the areas where they can park, referring that the white curbs are the permitted areas, while the yellow ones are points of infraction.

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