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FAO recognizes the Peninsular Mayan Milpa as an Important World Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) / @SRE_mx @m_ebrard >>>

#SRE.- The Yucatan Peninsular Maya Milpa Maya or «Ich Kool» was recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a «Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System» (GIAHS).

At FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, the director general of this international organization, Qu Dongyu, delivered the certificate, which is the second recognition to a Mexican production system as GIAHS, after the one granted to the «Sistema de Chinampas» of Mexico City in 2017.

In the high-level segment of the ceremony to recognize the new GIAHS worldwide, on behalf of the Government of Mexico, Ambassador Miguel García Winder, head of the Permanent Mission to the United Nations Agencies based in Rome, participated.

In his message to the FAO authorities, representatives of the Member States and delegations from the sites that received this recognition, Miguel García highlighted the importance and validity of FAO’s GIAHS initiative, which this year celebrates its 21st anniversary and which has allowed guiding a clear effort to rescue and promote the ancestral and historical legacy of traditional agricultural systems and the importance of these for a sustainable transformation of food systems.

He emphasized that the Peninsular Maya Milpa or «Ich Kool» is a complex biocultural production system, developed in the states of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo, which has evolved over time taking into account the delicate balance that exists in the territory between biodiversity, climate, natural resources and the needs of producers, their families and communities.

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