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In Quintana Roo, more than 10 thousand people in educational backwardness will benefit from Mobile Classroom: INEA / @Letamaya @SEP_mx >>>

#SEP.- The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) will serve more than 10 thousand people in Quintana Roo who will be able to start, continue, conclude and certify Basic Education through the services of the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) and through the fifth Mobile Classroom nationwide donated by the Traxion Foundation.

This mobile unit will travel through communities in seven municipalities in the state with the highest rate of educational backwardness, since it has state-of-the-art infrastructure that will allow young people, adults and seniors to study from the INEA’s educational offer.

The general director of this institute, Teresa Guadalupe Reyes Sahagún, pointed out that people who are behind in education are not incapable or did not want to study, but that social, economic and even cultural circumstances led them to work rather than study.

He reminded that education is not a privilege, but a human right, so he celebrated this program that will transform the lives of thousands of people.

The director of the Traxion Foundation and general director of the People’s Mobility Division, Elías Dana Roffe, affirmed that with this infrastructure and the drive of the Mexican Government, through the SEP and INEA, the goal of delivering more than 3,500 school certificates in the following year will be surpassed.

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