Governor recognizes Guanajuato’s teaching mindset

#Guanajuato, #Gto.- «Teachers of Guanajuato, you are a fundamental piece of our Social Pact for Education that has among its objectives the social recognition of the teaching figure,» said the Governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, when recognizing the work of those who have transformed education in the State through innovative practices in the face of the Pandemic and that promote Mentefactura.

At the Forum for Recognition and International Exchange of Educational Practices, the Governor highlighted the creativity and teaching innovation as faithful proof of the Mentefactura that takes place in Guanajuato, as he said, they are actions taken, in the face of the conjuncture, for social and human development, such as education.

«Today we recognize the ties that knew how to weave with mothers and fathers to not slow down the educational process during the pandemic.»

«Thank you for documenting and sharing these peer-to-peer practices and learning collaboratively from each other,» said the Governor.

It is a matter, he said, of innovating, of generating wealth through knowledge as mentefactura is one of the transversal axes of this administration.


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