Fernando Rodríguez Doval receives the ITAM Award for Professional Merit in the public sector

#CiudadDeMéxico, #México. – Fernando Rodríguez Doval, currently Secretary of Studies of @AccionNacional and political Vice-President of @ODCA, received the Award for Professional Merit in the public sector, granted by the @ITAM_mx: as a way of recognising the professional quality of #ITAM alumni.

It should be noted that the Professional Merit Award is granted to graduates who have had at least 15 years of meritorious professional performance in the following sectors: Public. Private. Social, International Organisations and Civil Society.

«I thank ITAM, my beloved alma mater, for awarding me the Professional Merit Award in the public sector. This undeserved recognition encourages me to continue working, despite my many limitations, in the construction of the common good,» Fer Doval.

ITAM, for its part, has on numerous occasions expressed its pride in the work of its students, alumni and faculty members who, day after day, put the name of our Institute on a high level.

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