The City Hall of Miguel Hidalgo and the restaurant «Pinche Gringo» thank the CDMX police officers for their work / @mauriciotabe @AlcaldiaMHmx >>>

#MiguelHidalgo, #CDMX.- The Mayor’s Office of Miguel Hidalgo and the Pinche Gringo restaurant joined forces to thank the Auxiliary Police for helping to make this district the third safest in Mexico City.

During the «Thanksgiving: Celebrating Heroes» gathering with 75 auxiliary police officers of Miguel Hidalgo, Mayor Mauricio Tabe assured that the decrease of more than 20 percent in high-impact crimes is largely due to the commitment of these uniformed officers who are part of the Auxiliary Police and Blindar MH.

«Our police today allow us to boast that Miguel Hidalgo is one of the three municipalities where neighbors feel safer, with their effort and their work is that we have achieved these results in one year,» he said.

Dan Defossey, owner of Pinche Gringo, highlighted the commitment he has with the community, since every day the police officers leave their homes, leaving their families to put themselves at risk with the firm conviction of providing security to visitors and residents of Miguel Hidalgo.

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