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In Veracruz, Boca del Río is a model city in constant growth: Mayor Juan Manuel Unánue / @JM_UNANUE @_BocadelRio >>>

#BocaDelRío, #Ver.- Before businessmen and members of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA) Veracruz, he emphasized that in a few years the city has presented a constant economic growth, as well as in the different aspects of the industries.

«Boca del Rio, within the most important tourist and economic sector of the state, is a young but very complete city that on January 26th will celebrate 35 years of being elevated to the rank of city, living now the growth and modernity,» he said.

Unánue Abascal emphasized that in the first 13 months of the current administration the municipality has become a model city of constant growth, with a lot of investment and tourism from all over the world.

He emphasized to the business sector that his government has a good relationship and communication with the presidents of the different business chambers, with whom various plans are promoted that contribute to the economic strengthening of the city and the people of Boca.

Likewise, the Municipal President of Boca del Río acknowledged the work and dynamism of the former president of the organization, José Antonio Campa Pérez, during his period as head of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry in Veracruz, remembering him with respect and appreciation.

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