lunes, marzo 4, 2024

In Guanajuato, a countryman from the U.S. donates sports uniforms to children served by DIF Celaya / @jmendozamarquez @municipiocelaya >>>

#Celaya, #Gto.- In the Coordination of Actions in Favor of Children, CAFI, of the System for the Integral Development of the Family, 47 sets of pants and sweatshirts were donated that will benefit children served in DIF Celaya.

This noble work was in charge of Mr. Rubén Contreras Sandoval, a Celaya native who has lived in Wisconsin for more than 25 years and who, through the Mobile Network area, led by María de Lourdes Elizarraraz Sandoval, was able to provide the link and the donation.

The president of the DIF board, Mrs. Rosita Suarez de Mendoza, along with the children who benefited, was part of the delivery and a thank you call was made via WhatsApp, so that the children could speak directly with Mr. Ruben.

«Thank you very much on behalf of the great DIF Celaya family, we know that these actions come from great hearts, and I am with the most important thing we have which is our childhood to thank that from so far away there is that willingness to help others, in this case our present and future which are these little ones», said Mrs. Rosita.

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