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15 new centers for the payment of property taxes are set up in different communities of Tecámac, Edoméx / @MarielaGtzEsc @MejorTecamac >>>

#Tecámac, #Edoméx.- The Government of Tecámac, invites taxpayers to take advantage of the last days of January to have discounts to pay water and property tax 2023, in the 15 payment centers located in different communities.

And those who prefer can make their property tax payment online and take advantage of the discounts that will be in effect only during the month of January.

Until January 31, an 8 percent discount will be applied for prompt payment and an additional 8 percent discount for compliant users. Senior citizens and vulnerable groups will be given an additional 34 percent to support their family economy.

Taxpayers who prefer to make their payment online can go to www.tecamac.gob.mx and click on the link «Pago En Linea De Predio» and follow the instructions.

The payment centers are located at the Municipal Palace, Loma Bonita, San Martín, Sierra Hermosa, Villa del Real, Reyes Acozac, Real del Cid, La Cuchara Héroes Tecámac, Bosques Héroes Tecámac, Hueyotenco (Quetzalcóatl), Ojo de Agua, ODAPAS (Sexta Héroes Tecámac), Comisaría, Ozumbilla Héroes Tecámac and Real de Granada.

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