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#Córdoba, #Ver.- This Monday, the Municipal President, Juan Martinez Flores, was recognized by the Ministry of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan), for being Cordoba the first City Council of the State of Veracruz to implement the «Integral Municipal Planning Platform», which contributes to the efficiency in the budget, actions and work of the municipal departments.

The Undersecretary of Planning, Vladimir Cruz Acosta, delivered this recognition to the first authority to comply, through the office of Municipal Planning and the Comptroller, with the Evaluation Program in the City of Cordoba since 2022, which was presented to the State Congress and the Sefiplan, becoming a pioneer of this project and be the basis for implementing it in the remaining 211 municipalities of Veracruz.

The objective of the project is to develop planning and improvement mechanisms for the municipality, through the evaluation of the areas of the City Hall, in order to have measurement parameters that put into perspective the levels of development for the city. Likewise, it will give the guideline to achieve changes in management means and government instruments, which will have an impact on the social and economic life of every Cordoban.

The Mayor of Cordoba thanked the Ministry of Finance and Planning for the recognition, as well as his work team that collaborated in this program such as: the head of Agenda 2030, Alejandro Baizabal González; the Municipal Comptroller, Lauro Ramos Olmos; the liaison of the Municipal Development Plan, Marco Viveros Matamoros, and the person in charge of Municipal Planning, José Alberto Damián Bautista.

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