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The INAH: 84 years of the institution that changed the destiny of our cultural heritage / @alefrausto @cultura_mx >>>

#SecretaríaDeCultura.- The birth of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has deep origins behind it and a long history of gestation that began in a museum with its scientific cabinets and academic production. Today it has become an unusual institution, which day after day performs several functions simultaneously, and thanks to which many of the heritage and cultural values are kept alive.

It was born by presidential decree of Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, on February 3, 1939, with legal personality and its own assets. In the 21st century, the variety of functions that it performs rarely coexist in a dependency: an educational entity with three higher level schools, which is also an academic center that has research centers and specialized laboratories; It is also an authority and a technical and regulatory body for the protection of archaeological, historical and paleontological heritage, which carries out inspections, consultancies, opinions, expert reports, attends complaints and applies the law in the national territory.

Likewise, it is an entity that is in charge of managing an extensive network of cultural spaces at the service of citizens, made up of 194 archaeological zones authorized for public visitation, including the first paleontological one, and 162 national, metropolitan, regional museums. , site, local and community.

The tasks of the INAH have increased continuously, in correspondence with an increasingly inclusive and organic conception of cultural heritage, due to the constant need to identify and register archaeological sites, for the opening, operation and maintenance of new museums and areas, for the multiplication of the tasks of attention, legal and technical protection of the archaeological and historical patrimony, by the establishment of the INAH Centers in all the states of the Mexican Republic.

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