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Outstanding Governor

In Guerrero, nearly 300,000 tons of waste generated by Otis have been removed: State Civil Protection / @EvelynSalgadoP @Gob_Guerrero >>>

#EstadoDeGuerrero.- The head of the Secretariat of Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection Guerrero, Roberto Arroyo Matus reported that there is significant progress in the collection of debris and waste left in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benitez after Hurricane Otis, reaching so far about 300 thousand tons collected at different points.

He also reported that, on the instructions of Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda, special operations are being maintained to speed up the work and to be able to attend all the points by collecting garbage and freeing roads.

«There is already substantial progress, it is palpable and above all, because in recent days has also increased all this collection system that is being carried out to bring all this waste to areas where it can be disposed of and above all, later also select and try to see what can be reused, recycled and reused,» he said.

Arroyo Matus pointed out that there is a great commitment from the government headed by Evelyn Salgado and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to continue supporting the population that needs it most, through the different initiatives and programs that have been arranged for this purpose.

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