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A walkway and playground equipment delivered in Atizapán de Zaragoza / @Pedro_RVillegas @GobAtizapan >>>

#Atizapán, #Edoméx.- The Municipal President of Atizapán de Zaragoza, Pedro Rodríguez Villegas, delivered the construction of a walkway and playground equipment in Fraccionamiento Real de Atizapán, and also the repaving with asphalt concrete of Juan de la Barrera street at the corner of Fernando Montes de Oca street, in the 1o de Septiembre neighborhood, as well as water tanks to address water shortages.

On Real de la Hacienda Street, in the Real de Atizapán neighborhood, the neighbors celebrated the adaptation of the walkway and the children’s playground, which were achieved thanks to a joint work under the 50-50 scheme, in order to improve the urban image of this place, in addition to making it a functional space. This work, in which the Directorate of Land Management and Urban Development intervened, will benefit an estimated 4,500 inhabitants.

«I want to thank you for being here and for witnessing how the government is working and that your taxes are being applied. Sometimes we Atizapenses and Mexicans think that the support we receive is due to a person; I want to share with you that all the works that the government does, is thanks to your taxes,» said Rodriguez Villegas, who was accompanied by some members of the City Council and directors of different areas.

These works consisted of adapting the sidewalks and painting, placing and equipping games, developing and conditioning pedestrian areas and bicycle lanes, as well as conditioning the sandbox, placing benches, tezontle, lights, garbage containers and a ramp for the handicapped.
The President of the Real de Atizapán Neighborhood Association, Jonathan Ruvalcaba Flores, thanked the completion of the project and said that the joint work will promote family coexistence, to which he added: «you have said it many times President, the works prevail». On the other hand, with the program «Unidos en Apoyo al Desabasto de Agua», in this same place, the Mayor delivered twenty water tanks as part of the support for the water shortage in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico.

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