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Outstanding Governor

In vulnerable areas of Tulum, Mara Lezama delivers food support for the welfare of families / @MaraLezama @GobQuintanaRoo >>>

#EstadoDeQuintanaRoo.- On the ground, house to house, directly, without intermediaries, Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa and the municipal president of Tulum, Diego Castañón, delivered food support to families in the Sac Bé and 2 de Octubre neighborhoods that were affected by hurricane «Beryl».

From Don Feliciano’s house, the governor of Quintana Roo expressed that the category 2 hurricane passed and, it is true, there were no complications in hotel infrastructure, flights and ports were reactivated, «but in places like this there is vulnerability and that is why we are going to the communities, to the neighborhoods, to bring help, with the DIF, with the municipal president, because some people had their roofs blown off», she said.

«I want to tell them that the attention does not end with the hurricane. We continue visiting them and working as a team to attend to them, listen to them and help where necessary because that is the spirit of the New Agreement for the Wellbeing and Development of Quintana Roo: you are not alone and you are not alone, count on it,» added the Governor.

During the tour, Governor Mara Lezama listened and attended to people, with immediate answers and results, as in the case of Mrs. Isabel Cervera Enriquez, who was channeled to the Health Caravans for a medical check-up.

The governor of Quintana Roo was accompanied in the delivery of more than a thousand pantries, by the honorary president of the DIF Quintana Roo System, Verónica Lezama Espinosa, and the president of the Municipal DIF, Jessica Ramírez, who strengthen the actions of support for people who request it. They contributed in the delivery of one thousand pantries.

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