domingo, septiembre 24, 2023
Outstanding Mayor

In Nuevo León, Monterrey begins training of new peace and proximity police officers

#Monterrey, #NuevoLeón. – In what represents the largest number of aspiring police and transit police officers in Monterrey with 86 cadets who responded to the current recruitment campaign, this Thursday the Municipal President, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, started the induction course for the new elements.

In addition to handing out the reception folder to the cadets, the Mayor announced that the new police officers will be closer and more reliable for the community and will be able to guarantee the peace and tranquility of the citizens of Monterrey.

«Our government has proposed a great reunion between the citizens and their government, but there, our police, all of you, are the fundamental parts to make it happen, why, because with that training, with that closeness, with that proximity, with that attitude of service, with that intelligence, with that strategy, precisely we will build this new police institution of the XXI century that our city needs and that people want to see in order to recover that faith and trust we need in all our authorities,» he said.

He said that the current curriculum has already been adjusted to create a community police force, better prepared and with more tools to generate closeness and trust with the inhabitants, in addition to performing mediation and conciliation tasks, that is, to know how to handle a community crisis.


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