Telephone workers will maintain the defense of their collective bargaining agreement with Telmex, April 25 is a new strike deadline extension: STRM

#CiudadDeMéxico. – Two and a half years have passed since the Union of Telephone Workers of the Mexican Republic (#STRM) began the defense of its collective bargaining agreement and despite the fact that the services offered by Teléfonos de México (#Telmex) are increasingly less «because many are offered by América Móvil», they do not give in to the company’s claims to eliminate labor rights such as pensions.

In an interview with El Economista, Francisco Hernández Juárez, secretary general of STRM, said «I believe that because of our contract and our union, they began to take out the telephone services to América Móvil and left Teléfonos exclusively as a carrier, not as a provider of new services. In that way, they considered that it was no longer a priority for them that the television service, which they wanted and want, should be provided through Teléfonos, but through América Móvil».

He explained that the company has requested help to reduce the costs involved in the collective bargaining agreement and the labor liabilities, «we are willing to help, but it must be an agreement, a negotiation. The company proposed a package of exchange of shares for seniority, that is to say, it is to reduce its labor liabilities. We consulted the people, they authorized us and we were putting together the package when the company came out with an addition, so that the new employees would not have the retirement that we currently have, and since then we have not been able to move forward».

El 25 de abril es una nueva prórroga del estallamiento a huelga que mantiene el STRM. / With information by El Economista / STRMnoticias El sitio informativo de los telefonistas.


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