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Toxic metal mining generates damage to biodiversity, ecosystems and the health of Veracruz citizens: Governor

#Xalapa, #Veracruz.- Through an official statement, Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez reiterated the rejection of the administration he heads to toxic metal mining, since it generates adverse and irreversible damage to biodiversity, ecosystems and the health of the people of Veracruz.

In a press conference, he stated that although it is a federal competence, the Gobierno del Estado de Veracruz, in accordance with Article 39 Section IV of the State Environmental Protection Law, is attentive to the viability of the change of land use permitted to the industry and will attend to the exploration of banks, evaluating the environmental impact.

He pointed out that although mining is part of the primary economic activities, being its development of great importance in the industrial and economic sector of the country, metallic exploitation uses and generates highly toxic chemical substances or elements in its processes, such as sodium cyanide, which is mixed with water in order to separate the metal from the parent rock.

This not only causes contamination of the resource and depletion of streams and lagoons, but also destruction of the landscape, soil erosion, reduced agricultural and livestock yields, collateral effects on regional tourism and culture, and damage to the health of living beings.

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