At the science park «Founders» promote responsible and sustainable practices

#EstadoDeMéxico.- With the purpose of generating inter-institutional collaboration ties and promoting good practices in the care of the environment in children, the Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the State of Mexico, the «Fundadores» Science Park and the State Commission of Natural Parks and Fauna (Cepanaf) carry out activities that promote awareness and protection of natural spaces.

Every month various activities are carried out in the facilities of the «Fundadores» Science Park, by the staff of the «Zacango» Ecological Park Conservation Education Center, to generate actions that contribute to the development of environmental culture, through games, didactic activities, workshops and talks.

In this context, several activities were carried out, such as a demonstration of processes for the correct reforestation of affected areas, as well as the creation of home gardens that allow the sustainable consumption of food, in addition to a watercolor painting workshop to promote through creativity, the care of the flora and fauna of natural spaces.

There were also talks about reptiles, how they live in their natural habitats and characteristics of the different species that can be seen in the Herpetarium of the «Zacango» Ecological Park, a great option to spend a weekend in the company of the whole family.


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