Public institutions work to improve open and distance education of SEP

#SecretaríaDeEducaciónPública.- Public servants and specialists are working to improve open and distance education services, so that thousands of people who cannot continue their learning can conclude their studies in the different levels of education, informed the Undersecretary of Higher Secondary Education, Juan Pablo Arroyo Ortiz.

At the inauguration of the SEP’s Open and Distance Education Conference, Arroyo Ortiz stated that this meeting will discuss the progress made in the provision of open and distance education services, since the students of this model are very important.

The undersecretary emphasized that this work will serve to answer doubts and make proposals on this modality, in order to improve the services of this educational model.

He emphasized that this service allows people with disabilities, athletes or artists to take their courses, since by offering distance education thousands of people can continue their learning.


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