In the School Technical Councils, the national teaching profession discusses the future of education in México: Leticia Ramírez / @Letamaya @SEP_mx >>>

#SEP.- During the School Technical Council (CTE) sessions scheduled in the School Calendar, teachers discuss the future of education; they are trained and propose how to improve the conditions of their schools in all regions of the country, emphasized the Secretary of Public Education, Leticia Ramirez Amaya.

During her participation in the Second Ordinary Session of the CTE in the facilities of the «Emilio Rangel» Elementary School, with Basic Education educational personnel from the communities of Cañada Honda, Jaltomate and Santa María de Gallardo, in the municipality of Aguascalientes, she called to change the social perception that the CTE is a day off, since it is a space where thousands and thousands of teachers discuss the future of education in the country.

The head of the SEP insisted on the importance for children, adolescents and young people to maintain face-to-face activities at all levels of education, since nothing replaces the coexistence and relationship between people.

During her visits to schools in the state, she listened to teachers’ experiences and pedagogical practices for the recovery of learning, maintaining contact with students, and encouraging them to return to school.

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