domingo, mayo 19, 2024
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In Nuevo León, Monterrey collects more than 180 tons of garbage in the Basilica of Guadalupe / @mtygob @colosioriojas >>>

#Monterrey, #N.L.- A total of 180 tons of garbage were left this year by the pilgrimages, visits of the faithful and the walks that thousands of families made during two months to the Sanctuary of Guadalupe in the Independencia neighborhood of Monterrey.

The city government, through the Department of Public Services, implemented a permanent cleaning operation in the area, where daily manual sweeping, weeding and weeding were carried out.

Since last October, the South Operational Department and the Technical Services Department focused more than 50 workers on cleaning streets such as Jalisco, Castelar, Tepeyac, Libertad, San Luis and Guanajuato.

In addition to the cleaning work, five containers and 15 200-liter garbage cans were installed in the area, which were emptied twice a day.

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