miércoles, diciembre 6, 2023
Outstanding Mayor

Agrarian Council, one more illuminated and safe community in Iztapalapa: Mayoress Clara Brugada / @ClaraBrugadaM @Alc_Iztapalapa >>>

#Iztapalapa, #CDMX.- With more and better lighting infrastructure, all the neighborhoods of Iztapalapa are being illuminated. On the night of the 14th, the Illuminated and Safe Community was delivered in the Agrarian Council, Agrarian Angels Territorial Council, Iztapalapa, where 652 new LED luminaires of 100, 170 and 250 w were placed, including 11 super poles with 8 reflectors and 12 luminous posts with messages against gender violence.

Before there were 639, that is, they were duplicated for a total of 1,291 in an area of 15 km (85 streets and 4 housing units). In addition, a patrol car was assigned to a pair of Auxiliary Police hired by the Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office, which will operate under the community policing model, which can be contacted at 55 3277 8882.

Soon, neighbors of this area will be able to enjoy all the free services that UTOPÍALibertad will provide, including swimming pool, biopool, planetarium, ajolotario, butterfly garden, auditorium, jogging track, tennis courts, among other spaces.


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