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Outstanding Governor

Professionalism and commitment of the police for the people of Quintana Roo, instructs Governor Mara Lezama / @MaraLezama @GobQuintanaRoo >>>

#EstadoDeQuintanaRoo.- Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa affirmed today, within the framework of the Police Day celebrations, that she is determined and committed to fully assume the mandate of the people, for which every action of her government will be governed by the principle that nothing is outside the Law…and no one is above the Law.

Mara Lezama pointed out that four months ago she started this new government, the one of the deep transformation of Quintana Roo, «and winning an election is not an everyday thing, it is to fully assume the mandate of the people and I am determined and committed to do it».

The Governor of the State was emphatic in pointing out that today there is a new mandate and the law must be enforced; there is a new way of acting from the government, committed to the people, to social welfare, to the poor, to the marginalized and to the groups that demand priority attention.

«The population of Quintana Roo expects a professional police force, that attends to the mandate of the people. They expect police officers working for security, peace and justice. They expect a close, empathetic and friendly treatment from their authorities. That is why I will not tolerate apathy, nor laziness in the public exercise» expressed the first woman governor of the state.

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