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Government of the State of México delivers more than 15 thousand laptops to basic level schools of the state subsystem / @alfredodelmazo @Edomex >>>

#EstadoDeMéxico.- With the delivery of more than 15 thousand laptops to basic education schools of the state subsystem, the actions of Governor Alfredo Del Mazo in favor of education are reinforced, since, due to its infrastructure, level of coverage, capacity of teachers and the commitment of the student body, the Mexican educational system is a benchmark at the national level.

The Secretary of Education, Gerardo Monroy Serrano, led the delivery of laptops in the Official High School. No. 200 “Prof. Roberto Ruíz Llanos”, from Ecatepec; where he met with directors of benefited schools, students, teachers and parents.

“The Government of Alfredo Del Mazo Maza delivers today and simultaneously in the 125 municipalities of the entity, more than 15,000 computer equipment to 1,510 basic education institutions, which encourages our students as an act of recognition of their effort that contributes to their learning”, affirmed the Secretary.

Likewise, he said that information technologies are a core part of obtaining knowledge, and laptops are a tool to facilitate teaching-learning processes in educational institutions.

On behalf of the student community, the student Tayri Itzel Mateo Martínez, thanked the educational authorities for the delivery of the computers, commenting that they are an essential tool for teachers to transmit their knowledge, and in turn for students to learn independently. dynamic, adapting to new teaching models.

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