lunes, marzo 4, 2024
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Preferential rate and free will be maintained on public transport in León, Guanajuato / @AleGutierrez_mx @municipio_leon >>>

#León, #Gto.- During the Ordinary Commission of the Mixed Rate Commission, the councilors managed to maintain preferential rates for Public Transportation and free rates for the elderly without an increase.

Meanwhile, the increase of one peso in the rate with payment in cash and with Pagobús, respectively, was agreed.

The president of the Commission, Jared González, mentioned that the agreements generated are always thought of citizens and transport users.

«We as an authority and you as dealers are obliged to provide a quality and above all safe service for the user,» she reiterated.

Before the approval of the members of the Commission, the payment of the preferential rate will remain in force; as well as free to adults in vulnerable sector.

Given the increase of one peso in the rate with payment in cash and in weight with Pagobús, the Municipality of León, hand in hand with the Municipal Treasury, will provide a trust of 95 million pesos for the renewal of the public transport fleet in León.

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