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In response to citizen demands, the government of Ecatepec, in the Edomex, accelerates the repair of a well to provide drinking water / @FerVilchisMx @Ecatepec >>>

#Ecatepec, #Edoméx.- The government of Ecatepec, through the agency «Servicios de Agua Potable, Alcantarillado y Saneamiento de Ecatepec» (SAPASE), will conclude in 10 days the repair work of the well La Pradera, which supplies water to two communities in the central area of the municipality.

Eli Benjamín Hernandez Rodríguez, director of the agency, informed that in one week the electric pump required to put the well into operation will arrive in the country and in two more days it will be installed, so it is expected that in 10 days the service will be restored in the area.

The official said that by instructions of the municipal president, Fernando Vilchis Contreras, it was agreed with a company to accelerate the shipment of the necessary equipment to conclude the rehabilitation of the well, which is out of service due to a collapse.

The communities that will benefit from the purchase and installation of the pumping equipment are the Fifth Section of Jardines de Morelos and La Pradera, which belong to the social groups that demonstrated this morning on Via Morelos at Puente de Fierro.

Hernández Rodríguez indicated that since the well stopped producing drinking water, the residents of both communities are supplied with free pipes from Sapase.

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