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Outstanding Governor

In Baja California, SEPROA presents report on Mexicali reform channel / @MarinadelPilar @BCGobierno >>>

#EstadoDeBajaCalifornia.- With the intention of reducing the concern and clearing the uncertainty of the inhabitants neighboring the Reforma Canal in the city of Mexicali, the Secretary for Water Management, Sanitation and Protection (SEPROA) has issued the corresponding report regarding the situation reported this Sunday morning, May 7.

The Secretary for Water Management, Sanitation and Protection in Baja California, José Armando Fernández Samaniego, informed that, although it is true that the water in said canal presents a significant coloration and a degree of turbidity, the water does not present any degree of contamination as confirmed by the tests performed.

For approximately three weeks the Government of Baja California, headed by Governor Marina Del Pilar Avila Olmeda, has held constant meetings and conversations with the International Boundary and Water Commission (CILA), in which this issue has been conscientiously agreed upon.

The report points out that the cause of this event has its origin in the State of Arizona, where climatic conditions have caused the Painted Rock Dam to generate a drainage that has crossed from the U.S. Gila River to the Colorado River on Mexican soil.

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