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Alfredo del Mazo heads commemorative ceremony for the CLXXVI anniversary of the sacrifice of the hero children / @alfredodelmazo @Edomex >>>

#EstadoDeMéxico.- Governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza led the Commemorative Ceremony for the 176th Anniversary of the Sacrifice of the Children Heroes of Chapultepec, held at the monument in their honor in the capital of the State of Mexico.

Delivering the official message at this ceremony, the Secretary of Mobility, Luis Limón Chávez, said that through a work of openness to dialogue and prioritizing the welfare of the people of the State of Mexico, institutional cooperation with the governments of the Republic and Mexico City was fostered during the six-year term, giving results such as doubling the mass public transportation network and giving it an authentically metropolitan character.

He added that Governor Alfredo Del Mazo understood during his administration that the path of collaboration would yield good results, so he headed a Government of democratic openness and coordination between the Powers and organs of Government, since, if society coordinates, it can achieve great things and honor the homeland.

«This is how our Governor Alfredo Del Mazo understood it, who promoted a management of dialogue, democratic openness and coordination between powers, between government bodies and between federal entities, respecting differences, but united in the basics, which is the welfare of the people of Mexico, and, therefore, today we can affirm that we have a better State of Mexico, with strong families», he emphasized.

Likewise, the Secretary of Mobility emphasized that, as a result of this collaborative work, a historical demand of almost three decades was met with the «Caminos del Sur» conservation strategy, in addition to a 25 percent increase in the network of high-specification highways.

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