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Outstanding Governor

Governor of Nuevo Leon calls for respect for the Constitution and to join the metropolitan collaboration table / @samuel_garcias @nuevoleon >>>

#EstadoDeNuevoLeón.- Because municipal coordination is an obligation of the City Councils, Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda called on all the mayors of the metropolitan area to join the Metropolitan Collaboration Board as established in Article 182 of the new Political Constitution of the State of Nuevo León.

During the work session of this municipal body, Governor Samuel Garcia took the oath of office of the Mayor of Escobedo, Andres Mijes Llovera as the new Executive President of the Metropolitan Collaboration Board.

In his message, Mr. García Sepúlveda stated that regardless of whether the mayors will seek reelection or not in their positions, the mayors have to join this Board to take advantage of the moment that Nuevo León is living and that is not present in any other entity in the country.

«The reflection to which I invite is to give life to Article 182 of the new Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Nuevo Leon, which will celebrate its first anniversary in two weeks, and that Article states that the Metropolitan coordination is the responsibility of the City Councils», said the State President.

«It is a constitutional obligation to coordinate and the State will participate in its coordination, and I come here to tell you that we are here to help, but coordination is a municipal obligation, not a state one.

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