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DIF Celaya, in Guanajuato, promotes the regularization of civil status and birth registration / @jmendozamarquez @municipiocelaya >>>

#Celaya, #Gto.- To give identity and legal certainty to the people of Celaya, this Tuesday 33 marriages were consolidated, 35 birth registrations and nearly 300 certificates were issued, being a joint work between DIF Celaya and the Civil Registry of the State of Guanajuato.

«It is an honor to witness this special moment, where commitment, fidelity and happiness are the protagonists, so I congratulate you and encourage you to continue cultivating your relationship with respect, trust and lots of communication; long live the bride and groom!» said Mrs. Rosita Suarez de Mendoza, president of the Board of DIF Celaya.

It was in the esplanade of Parque Morelos where 33 Celaya couples met today who had been living together for some time but for one reason or another had not formalized their commitment and today, through the Guanajuato With Identity Program, obtained their marriage certificate free of charge and in a simpler way, with the intervention of the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) of Celaya.

In addition, 35 regularizations of the civil status of people who had never processed their birth certificate, some even of the elderly, were carried out and around 300 certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates were issued free of charge in the mobile unit of the Civil Registry that was made available during the ceremony; closing the Guanajuato With Identity program.

«Having the documents in order for all the members of our family is to be with them in good times, facilitating the processes and accompanying them in difficult times, because the importance of regularizing our civil status lies in being able to exercise our rights and obligations that we have as citizens and that are of high civic and moral value», stressed the Municipal President, Francisco Javier Mendoza Márquez.

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