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Buddhism and meditation sessions for young people

#Events.- Buddhism and Meditation Sessions for Young People : Centro Budista Roma : Every Wednesday of November at 17:00 hrs. : $50 pesos per session : Limited capacity, previous registration is required. | Directed by: Triratna Buddhist Community.

When entering Buddhism and meditation we learn that the solution to many of the situations we go through as young people (personal, family or social) is to find tools to grow as individuals. For this, we can develop the mind through meditation by learning aspects that help us to know ourselves and ways to refine our emotions.

Through these meditation sessions for young people, an atmosphere of trust and friendship is generated with which we can gradually transform ourselves in many ways to find more harmony, clarity and calm in our lives.
Open to young people from 18 to 29 years old with any level of knowledge.
Roma Buddhist Center

For more information call us at
55 5525-0086, 555 5525-4023.
Registration at:
WhatsApp / 55 55 5525-4023

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