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Guadalajara hosted the second forum «Me Lleva el Tren: technology and safety for mobility in Mexico» / @EnriqueAlfaroR @GobiernoJalisco >>>

#EstadoDeJalisco.- At a time when Jalisco is already the state with the most modern public transportation fleet in the country, Guadalajara hosted the second forum «Me lleva el Tren: technology and safety for mobility in Mexico», a space in which consultants, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations involved in sustainable mobility, presented solutions and experiences on technologies that make mass transportation safer and more efficient.

International consultants from Madrid and Colombia participated in this meeting, as well as from Mexico and those involved in the construction of the Mayan Train, in addition to highly qualified authorities, who raised issues particularly focused on railway systems, which in the case of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area can be applied to Line 4, the BRT of Mi Macro Calzada and Mi Macro Periférico, or the three lines of Mi Tren.

Me Lleva el Tren is an event organized by Teltronic de México, a company dedicated to the provision of technology for radio communication and telecommunication on mobility and public safety issues in Mexico and around the world. This second edition of the forum was entitled «from Tlajomulco to Guadalajara».

With the presence of René Caro Gómez, Strategic General Coordinator of Territorial Management, at the opening ceremony the Secretary of Transportation of the Government of Jalisco, Diego Monraz Villaseñor, explained that the fact that Jalisco has the most modern urban transportation fleet in the country is part of a sustainable development proposed by the current state administration to move better, in a multimodal, harmonious and modern way.

«Today in Jalisco we have, not with ideas or projects, but with a very tangible reality in the change of how transportation is being carried out, and when we talk about this service, we are not referring to moving trains, buses, vehicles or bicycles, but to moving dreams and people.»

In his speech, the municipal president of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Salvador Zamora, highlighted the importance that the construction of Line 4 represents for this town, after a decade of being promoted, which will mean a great advance for mobility and the reduction of distances between people and the places where public services are offered.

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