lunes, marzo 4, 2024
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Cleaning of ravines continues in Álvaro Obregón / @lialimon @AlcaldiaAO >>>

#ÁlvaroObregón, #CDMX.- With the encouragement of Mayor Lía Limón to carry out effective actions to preserve and improve the ecological environment of the district, a cleanup day was held in a remnant of the Jalalpa ravine, located in the Barrio Norte neighborhood, headed by Edgar Tonatiuh Díaz López, General Director of Urban Services.

In this day, in which neighbors, municipal personnel and volunteers from the private companies Revolution, Owens, Gea Biodegradables and AMEE participated, 18 m3 of garbage, 7 m3 of rubble, 4 m3 of branches and trunks were removed and 1,800 m2 of undergrowth were pruned.

With the support of these companies, Lía Limón’s conviction that alliances are necessary to achieve the goal of making Álvaro Obregón a better place to live was reaffirmed.

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