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Government of Jalisco launches urban construction visor: a revolution in urban management / @GobiernoJalisco >>>

#EstadoDeJalisco.- The government of Jalisco, through the Directorate of Government Innovation, launched the tool: Visor Urbano Construcción. An innovative system designed to revolutionize the way in which municipalities manage construction procedures, paving the way towards more organized and efficient cities.

Among the objectives of this innovative tool are to unify and digitize all construction procedures in an accessible platform; streamline the authorization process, promoting collaboration between government entities; and avoid the alteration of documents, providing transparency and security throughout the process.

Regarding the launching of the Construction tool in Cocula, Jalisco, Engineer Enrique López Gómez, Director of Public Works, emphasized that «normally, issuing a construction license used to take several days, with Visor Urbano we give citizens the certainty that their process will be faster and they will obtain their license in one day».

For governments, Visor Urbano offers a range of functions and tools, including detailed consultation of land use, coefficients, restrictions, access to lists of requirements and conditions for each type of construction, as well as digital storage of files for easy access and tracking. It also makes it easier for cities that implement it to obtain the Simplified Construction Window Certification (VECS) from the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (Comisión Nacional de Mejora Regulatoria).

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