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Monterrey invites the community in general to take care of its health / @mtygob >>>

#Monterrey, #N.L.-The Government of Monterrey invites the entire population to take care of their health and that of all members of their families, including pets, through the upcoming brigades in which medical care and veterinary services will be provided.

With the objective of facilitating their access to these services, the integral health brigades are continuously carried out in different locations of the City.

The next ones will take place in the north zone: on April 22, at the Topo Chico Community Center, and on April 26, at the CROC Municipal Health Center, both from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, with general medical and gynecology consultations, nursing and optometry services, and dental evaluations.

In addition, the whole family will have access to vaccines for their age group: children can be immunized against Rotavirus, Hexavalent, Pneumococcus, SRP, DPT and Covid; adolescents and adults against Hepatitis B, SR, TD, Covid, Pneumococcus and Tdpa, the latter for pregnant women.

Guidance will also be offered to schedule appointments for mastographies, pap smears, psychology and psychiatry.

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