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In Jalisco, urban artists highlight the importance of the Hip Hop for Peace concert / @GobiernoJalisco >>>

#EstadoDeJalisco.- The importance of taking public space with Hip Hop culture and urban art shows is to emphasize the messages of peace, say the participants of the next edition of »Jalisco Hip Hop x la Paz 2024», which will take place on May 11, at 6:30 pm, in front of the Rotonda de los y las Jaliscienses Ilustres (Rotunda of the Illustrious Jaliscienses).

The Symphonic Concert “Jalisco Hip Hop x la Paz” includes the participation of a symphonic ensemble, the Jalisco State Choir, rappers, freestylers, DJs and break-dancers, who will showcase artistic diversity and urban manifestations as a whole from different points of view, The line-up includes artists such as Fermin IV, Carmen Lozano, Camazoo, Rap del Pueblo, Leazzy, Leyruk, Skafo, Tuza, Rapder, Danger AK, DJ Levana, DJ Dato Tovar, the groups DC Kraks, Holookunz, Fresh Funk and Oso Beatbox.

During the press conference held this afternoon at the Arroniz Building, after an exhibition of break, beatbox and music, the participants of the different disciplines that make up Hip Hop, said they were excited to participate in this new edition, stressing how important it is to bring this culture to different public and cultural spaces to make it more present in society.

In this regard, Kampezino, Veracruz rapper of Nahuatl origin, who was present in the last edition at the Teatro Degollado, said he is »happy to participate in these concerts, because at some point I thought it was impossible. It is important because I am representing all cultures, not only the Náhuatl, and it is a way of struggle for the native peoples to be able to carry a message».

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