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“This triumph belongs to all the citizens of Coacalco” David Sanchez receives the majority of Coacalco’s citizens / @davidsanchezi >>>

#Coacalco, #EstadoDeMéxico – “Let’s continue believing in democracy, in our institutions and respect the popular will that today has decided who will lead the work of this great municipality for the next 3 years, thank you for your trust and support,” said David Sanchez Isidoro in the delivery of the Certificate of Majority and declaration of validity of the election to the City Council of Coacalco de Berriozabal 2025-2027.

Sanchez Isidoro acknowledged that it was a historic election and, in addition, a large citizen participation, now, he said, “Comes the stage where there are no colors, we will work for everyone, as we have done so far, with an excellent government team”.

The president-elect of Coacalco explained that it is clear to him that it is a great responsibility, once again, the municipal administration, “which I will assume with all the firm conviction that I will work, without a doubt, for a safer municipality and for the well-being of the citizens”.

“This triumph belongs to everyone, to each person who believes in a better future, in a prosperous Coacalco and at the forefront”.

To conclude, he assured that he will work with a democratic project, of development, honest and, above all, in conjunction with the citizens.

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