jueves, julio 25, 2024
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Ana Castro receives the certificate of majority as municipal president of Tultitlán, State of Mexico

#Tultitlán, #EstadoDeMéxico – The 110th Municipal Board of the IEEM of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM) gave the candidate of the Morena Party, Ana Castro Fernández, the majority certificate as municipal president-elect of Tultitlán for the constitutional period 2025-2027.

“We will continue working tirelessly to make Tultitlán a municipality of peace, hope and prosperity.”

Castro Fernández thanked the 123,191 citizens who voted for her and for their support for the continuity of the fourth transformation in Tultitlán.

«Thank you. I renew my commitment, we will reinforce public policies to achieve equity and eradication of gender violence against women. As well as to improve municipal social programs for the benefit of the population of Tultitlán».

The now municipal president (elect) of Tultitlán, thanked for the support, reception, proposals and encouragement to continue transforming the municipality.

“My commitment: to keep our municipality in the first places at a national level in security and with a high rank of well-being of life of the citizens”.

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