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In Hidalgo, head of IHE visited different schools in Chapulhuacán / @gobiernohidalgo >>>

#EstadoDeHidalgo.- The head of the Hidalgo Institute of Education (IHE), Naty Castrejón, made a working tour of the municipality of Chapulhuacán, where he toured some schools in order to observe the work, listen and interact with the educational community.

Castrejón Valdez led the civic Monday ceremony at Telesecundaria 494, where he pointed out that, thanks to the sum of efforts, it has been possible to improve the spaces of this institution; in addition, through the implementation of the New Mexican School (NEM), it has benefited from the program The School is Ours.

In his message to the young people, he explained that the administration headed by the governor, Julio Menchaca, is working so that each student has the opportunity to continue with their studies and develop their maximum potential through education: «We want them to have a full life and make the choices that will lead them to achieve their goals,» he added.

At the «Guillermo Prieto» Elementary School, he observed the activities they perform daily as part of their learning, then visited the «Sierra Madre Occidental» Kindergarten, where he spent time with children and teachers.

Later, while touring the Benito Juarez Elementary School, he urged the students to complete the 2023-2024 school year and to continue their education in higher secondary education, so that they fulfill their commitment to work for the welfare of their families, community and municipality.

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