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Monterrey deploys humanitarian support operations for those affected by storm «Alberto» / @mtygob >>>

#Monterrey, #N.L.- In addition to the cleaning and road maintenance actions, the Monterrey Government deployed brigades this weekend to provide humanitarian support to neighbors in vulnerable areas.

Mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas went to Tanques de Guadalupe, in the upper part of Colonia Independencia, and to the area of El Barro, on the border with the municipality of Santiago, to supervise the attention and offer the inhabitants food, medical and psychological consultations and in-kind donations.

«The Humanitarian Committee is so that we can attend and support all the people, provide them with everything they may need to stand on their feet and rebuild their homes after these rains,» he commented.

Families from the Independencia, Tanques de Guadalupe, Riberas del Rio, La Campana and Gloria Mendiola neighborhoods benefited from the brigades that took place in their communities.

The Secretary of Human Development and Substantive Equality, as well as the Directorates of Citizen Attention and Social Concertation, and the municipal DIF participated in these activities.

The Municipality provided consultations from the «Médico en Casa» (Doctor at Home) program, which offered health orientation to the people of Monterrey, who also received food and blankets.

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