domingo, mayo 19, 2024
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Classes resume at the arts and crafts school in Guadalupe, Nuevo León

#Guadalupe, #NuevoLéón. –  With the enrollment of 1,028 students, the Government of Guadalupe informed that this Tuesday, February 1, classes were reactivated at the School of Arts and Crafts of the Secretariat of Economic Development.

The workshops taught range from balloon and floral art, beauty, carpentry, cooking, web design and graphic design, automotive mechanics, among others, and there are 50 students who today had their first class in the facilities.

The objective is to support the citizens of Guadalupe so that they can learn a trade, start their own business and earn their own income.

Another of the workshops that will be taught is «Basic construction principles», where they will be able to learn activities so that in the future they can build their own house or start their own micro-enterprise linked to the construction sector.


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