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Geraldine Ponce delivers uniforms for 550 Tepic police officers / @GeraldinePonceM @Gobiernodetepic >>>

#Tepic, Nay.- Geraldine Ponce, who works for the safety of the citizens, delivered new uniforms to police officers of the General Directorate of Public Safety and Traffic of Tepic.

Ponce Méndez emphasized that this delivery benefits 550 elements in active service with complete uniforms for the fulfillment of their duty.

Regarding the uniforms, there were 55 pieces for the preventive police, which consist of three tactical pants, 3 tactical shirts, a pair of boots, a tactical belt and a police cap.

In addition, 110 uniforms were given to the road police, which consist of two proximity pants, a long-sleeved half gala shirt, a short-sleeved proximity shirt, a chanchomon, a tactical belt, a pair of gala shoes and a pair of boots for motorized road police.

There were also 55 uniforms for proximity police, with two proximity pants, one long-sleeve half-trousers, one short-sleeve proximity trousers, one vest, one tactical belt and one pair of gala shoes.

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