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Through the Chapultepec Project, Nature and Culture improve Conservation Center facilities / @alefrausto @cultura_mx >>>

#Culture.- The Government of Mexico, through the federal Secretariat of Culture, and the Government of Mexico City, through the Secretariat of the Environment (Sedema), inform that as part of the actions of the Chapultepec Nature and Culture Project, an investment of 270.76 million pesos was made to improve the facilities of the Chapultepec Zoo «Alfonso L. Herrera», which in 2023 celebrated 100 years of history and is currently consolidated as the Wildlife Conservation Center.

«This program intervened several areas of the Chapultepec Forest, work is being done in other new hectares that are added to this forest, the largest in Latin America, and one of the spaces that could not be left aside, emblematic and historical spaces that already existed in Mexico City and that people recognize very well, is the Zoo in the First Section of the Chapultepec Forest,» said Marina Núñez Bespalova, Undersecretary for Cultural Development of the federal Ministry of Culture, during a visit to some of the renovated spaces, accompanied by Marina Robles García, head of Mexico City’s Ministry of the Environment (Sedema).

The Undersecretary highlighted the creation of «Anfibium, Museo del Axolote y Conservación de Anfibios», which last year received an award, being recognized as the best shelter by the Association of Zoos, Kennels and Aquariums of Mexico (AZCARM): «It is a very special space, unique, which preserves a species that is already very famous for all of us, the Mexican salamander, and behind us is a fantastic wetland that has brought back different species, I think this space is worth knowing».

Marina Núñez Bespalova invited people «to come and visit these 17 hectares of the zoo, the amount that has been invested here by the Chapultepec Nature and Culture project is more than 250 million pesos and you will see the result».

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