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SEP carries out National School to Community Day to prevent addictions / @Letamaya @SEP_mx >>>

#SEP.- Students, parents, teachers, school supervisors and educational authorities from all over the country participated this Saturday in the National School to Community Day to prevent the consumption of addictive substances in middle and high school communities.

In Mexico City, and as part of the Classroom Strategy: Addiction Prevention «If you do drugs, you harm yourself», athletic, sports and social activities were held in two locations: the Casco de Santo Tomás of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and Utopia Meyehualco, in Iztapalapa.

On behalf of the Secretary of Public Education, Leticia Ramírez Amaya, Gisela Salinas Sánchez, Head of the Office of the Secretary, recalled that the campaign is carried out on a permanent basis and with the support of the Ministry of Health, state and municipal governments and the educational authorities of each entity.

She highlighted the collaboration and support of parents, sports coaches and teachers, since the prevention of addictions is a common purpose that finds good results from physical activation.

He invited the attendees to complement these activities with the support materials and guides available at estrategiaenelaula.sep.gob.mx, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle in the family environment.

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