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Mayor Adolfo Cerqueda heads the first delivery of 2024 welfare baskets to 70 thousand senior citizens in Neza / @Adolfo_Cerqueda @GobNeza >>>

#Nezahualcóyotl, #Edoméx.- In order to support the most vulnerable population in their basic food needs, the first delivery of the social program Canastas del Bienestar was made to 70 thousand elderly residents of Nezahualcóyotl and beneficiaries of the same, who receive these pantries to the doors of their homes, to take care of their nutritional health and improve their quality of life, informed the municipal president Adolfo Cerqueda Rebollo.

The mayor, accompanied by the Por Amor a Neza Brigade, led one of the deliveries of this support in the streets of the Ciudad Lago neighborhood, in the north of the municipality, to deliver food products such as beans, rice, cereal, gelatin, napkins, powdered milk, sugar, oatmeal, oil, tuna, oatmeal, coffee, atole, among other products, house by house.

He regretted that according to data from the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) in 2020, 46.1 percent of the population aged 65 and over had income below the Income Poverty Line (IPL), that is, the total value of the food basket and the non-food basket per person per month, and that is why it is important that these social programs exist in order to provide for the elderly.

Cerqueda Rebollo emphasized that the members of the Brigada Por Amor a Neza also act as a support system that contributes to strengthen the proximity with the citizens, to know their needs and in this way be able to establish public policies that allow to provide a better quality of life to the inhabitants of the municipality.

He recalled that the work of the elderly people of Nezahualcóyotl has been fundamental to build the municipality that it is today, so with the delivery of these food packages they seek to recognize their contributions to the community that currently lives in this demarcation, and in that sense, this sector of the population will always be a priority in the government he heads. Finally, the municipal president of Nezahualcoyotl, Adolfo Cerqueda Rebollo, reiterated that his government is committed to building a more inclusive society, creating equal opportunities to enforce the rights for social development for the benefit of the population living in this demarcation.

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