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Vibrate La Colmena and the Palace of Culture with the activities of the Night of Museums / @alefrausto @cultura_mx >>>

#Cultura.- At La Colmena: Grace Quintanilla Center for Creative Technologies, an institution of the federal Ministry of Culture, different activities took place during the Night of Museums, such as the concert by Fonósferas and the Playful Wednesday activities, which made the audience vibrate and share experiences.

Part of these activities began at 3:00 p.m., with the start of Playful Wednesday, an activity that is part of the Geek Lab in which spaces for teaching and learning free distribution games were opened by Oralia Sanchez and Said Mejia, as well as a small workshop to learn how to play «Dungeons and Dragons».

Afterwards, an exhibition of drawings was held in honor of the mangaka Akira Toriyama, a famous Japanese artist and animator who created different manga and anime such as Dr. Slump, Kajika, the famous «Dragon Ball«, among others.

In this sense, fans were invited to share drawings that had the style or influence of this character and with this, a small exhibition and an award for the best works were held, which were given a gift that was donated during the past Geeks Fairs, as well as a drawing made by the Japanese artist Shogo Iwakiri.

The attendees also took advantage of the visit to play in the arcade and visit the exhibition «Fugas Mediales». Later, at 6:30 p.m., the third Fonósferas concert was performed by Safoh, a DJ, producer of breakcore and hardcore music, who shared a set made especially for this event.

With these free activities, La Colmena concluded the month of March. For more information about the following events and workshops, please consult the networks (@LaColmentaTLX), the web pages and, as well as visit the facilities located at Av. Juárez 62, Col. Centro, Tlaxcala.

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