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We will be transparent with the resources allocated to public works in Atizapán: Gonzalo Alarcón / @GonzaloAlarconB >>>

#Atizapán, #Edoméx.- In front of more than a hundred women, neighbors of the Emerald Zone, Gonzalo Alarcón Bárcena pledged not to increase or change the use of residential land and to resolve the drinking water supply issue with modern technology and infrastructure.

In the Valle Escondido subdivision, the candidate for the municipal presidency for the coalition Sigamos Haciendo Historia also assured that his government will be transparent with the resources allocated to public works.

Upon receiving the support and backing of the Atizapenses of the residential area, the standard bearer of the Morena, Green Party and Del Trabajo parties announced the formation of a great alliance with the citizens to meet the demand for security.

He also offered a permanent dialogue with the neighborhood associations for the benefit of all the families who live there.

Later, Alarcón Bárcena held a meeting with the business community affiliated to COPARMEX, before whom he spoke about his proposal of zero tolerance to corruption in the areas of Urban Development, Economic Development, Regulation, SAPASA and Public Safety, among others, the next City Hall that he will preside from January 1, 2025.

In terms of administrative simplification, the candidate reiterated that he will guarantee prompt and expeditious attention for the opening of businesses.

“It will be the most efficient in the country, for the benefit of Atizapa’s businessmen, mainly small and medium entrepreneurs,” he said.

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