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CMN “20 de Noviembre” detects 60% of prostate cancer cases in curable stage: Issste / @BerthaAlcalde @ISSSTE_mx >>>

#ISSSTE.- Thanks to the primary health care campaigns and strategies promoted by the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (Issste), the Centro Médico Nacional (CMN) “20 de Noviembre” is able to detect 60 percent of all prostate cancer cases early, thus increasing the chances of patients overcoming the disease.

In the framework of World Prostate Cancer Day, which is commemorated today, the head of the Surgery Division III, Alejandro Alías Melgar, pointed out that, currently in this medical center, the institute has all the state-of-the-art tools in the world for detection, diagnosis and curative and palliative treatment of people affected by this pathology, guaranteeing the right to quality healthcare.

The urologist specialist informed that, in May, “we celebrated nine years of having introduced the treatment of prostate cancer by robotic surgery, which today is the gold standard in the world, with which we have cured 450 patients from different states of the country, especially complex cases, and in many others, the regional hospitals offer procedures with open surgery, which is also effective”.

At present, with the support of the authorities, the linear accelerators for radiotherapy are being renewed with the most advanced models; the latter is also part of the arsenal for combating cancer.

And for those who unfortunately are diagnosed with prostate cancer in advanced stages -which previously progressed in a short time and its outcome was fatal-, today the institution has treatment molecules that reduce the rate of progression of the disease, help to control it and increase and improve the survival of the patients, emphasized Alías Melgar.

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