jueves, julio 25, 2024
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From January to May 2024, the private sector has made 127 public investment announcements for more than US$39 billion / @SE_mx >>>

#SE.- As part of the monitoring activities carried out by the Ministry of Economy, of the public investment announcements made by the private sector, it is reported that, from January 1 to May 31, 2024, 127 announcements were compiled with an investment expectation of 39 thousand 157 million dollars (mdd), which are added to the 110 thousand 744 mdd reported during 2023.

According to the information from the announcements collected, in addition to the investment figure, the generation of 54 thousand 347 new jobs is observed, as well as various elements associated with the interest of the private sector, such as the following:

Main countries of origin:
United States (51%)
Germany (14%)
Argentina (11%)
Main economic sectors:
Manufacturing (56%)
Transportation (13%)
Commerce (13%)
Mass media (13%)
Energy (3%)
Leading states:
Querétaro (16%)
State of Mexico (12%)
Nuevo León (9%)
Coahuila (5%)
Sinaloa (4%)

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